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News Centre > Thursday 18 May 2023

Get Water Fit with Guernsey Water

Water saving

Guernsey Water are launching a new water saving initiative this Water Saving Week encouraging islanders to save water at home with Get Water Fit.

Get Water Fit, an interactive web platform, asks a series of questions on household water use to then inform users where water saving efforts should be focused. It includes the option to order free water saving devices.

Tania Sargent, Customer Service Manager at Guernsey Water, said: "With our climate warming up and more severe droughts predicted for the future, we are investing in encouraging islanders to get water fit now.

"Being more conscious of our water use and avoiding wastage where we can, will help to maintain the island's water storage levels through extended periods of dry weather, helping to reduce the risks of any restrictions on water use in future."

Alongside the immediate benefits of saving water, customers could also save money on their water bills and even their energy bills.

In addition to promoting the Get Water Fit platform ( Guernsey Water will also be running its annual water saving campaign with simple tips to save water.

"Although the Island's water reserves are currently at a healthy level, it is always important to remember to use water wisely" said Mrs Sargent.

Ways to save heated water which can help cut down household bills and fossil fuels:
• Fix dripping taps, leaky showers, or dual-flush toilets around the home
• Take shorter showers. Aim for around four minutes or less

Tips to save clean cold water:
• Don't leave the tap running whilst brushing your teeth
• Stop using your toilet as a bin - only flush, pee, poo or paper. Every cigarette butt or tissue you flush away also flushes away five to seven gallons of water
• Rinse your vegetables in a bowl or sink full of clean water rather than running the tap
• Ask your company to include water saving in their environmental policies

Think differently about your outdoor water usage:
• Raise the blades on your mower - try leaving grass a third longer than usual, this helps trap moisture in the topsoil reducing the need to water
• Use a watering can instead of a hose. If you have a hose, then use one with a trigger nozzle
• Water butts can store rainwater collected from your roof to be used in the garden, to clean the drive, or to do the first wash of the car
• Choose drought-resistant trees and plants that don't need watering as much
• Use a broom to clean the drive instead of a hose or pressure washer which can waste hundreds of litres
• Wash cars efficiently by using a bucket and sponge as opposed to a garden hose

Get Water Fit with Guernsey Water

Islanders without internet access are still able to obtain water saving devices by calling Guernsey Water's customer service team on 229500.

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