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How to Safely Dispose of Pesticides and Chemicals

Don't pour pesticides and chemicals down the drain - dispose of them safely at Longue Hougue.

That's the message from Guernsey Water and Guernsey Waste this bank holiday weekend - when people might well be planning to tackle the garden for the first time this year.

Water Quality Risk Manager Daffyd Griffiths said:

"We perform hundreds of tests for water quality across the island each week to safeguard the quality of our water. Pesticide levels usually spike after a bank holiday weekend, as people take the chance to have a spring clean or tackle weeds in the garden. Where pesticide levels in streams are too high, Guernsey Water is unable to collect the water which increases the Island's vulnerability to drought.

"These chemicals have a harmful impact on our environment and can persist for a long time. If you're weeding, there are less harmful alternatives to weedkiller such as a vinegar and dish soap solution.  If you're having a spring clean and need to get rid of bottles of chemicals or pesticides, do not under any circumstance pour them away - these chemicals take years to wash through the environment leaving all sorts of damage in their wake."

Instead, chemicals and pesticides can be taken and disposed of, for free, at the Longue Hougue Recycling Centre.

Waste Minimisation and Sustainability Officer for Guernsey Waste, Douglas Button, said:

"To protect the island's water resources and environment, any chemicals such as weedkillers, pesticides, solvents, and thinners need to be disposed of responsibly. Never dispose of unwanted product, diluted product or dregs in household drains, streams, ditches, or ponds.

Householders with containers with product still in them should take them, free of charge, to the Household Waste & Recycling Centre at Longue Hougue in their original container or in a suitable clearly labelled container."

Prohibited chemicals, unlabelled items, or larger volumes of labelled product should be reported to the Hazardous Waste Technical Officer ( or 01481 226263).  Any commercial businesses should contact the Hazardous Waste Technical Officer about any disposals.

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