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The Millennium Walk

The Millennium Walk around St Saviour's Reservoir was opened in 2001. The 3km long nature trail was created by Guernsey Water, in consultation with environmental groups and other users, to enable the public to enjoy the environment and wildlife that surround the reservoir. In 2021, an outdoor learning area was developed in conjunction with a wheel chair accessible path. Explore the walk ahead of your visit by clicking on different areas of the infographic below.

 About the walk

At Guernsey Water we take pride in protecting our environment, in fact, it is one of our 7 business outcomes. We employ Environment Guernsey to provide guidance and advice on the ongoing use and maintenance of the Millennium Walk in order to ensure it continues to be a safe haven for wildlife, as well as being a relaxing place for all to enjoy. There is a water refill station located in Les Annevilles car park. This balance is helped by your responsible use of the walk, our guidance/rules for this can be found below.


Dogs are welcome on the walk provided they are kept on a lead to prevent any disturbance to wildlife.

Dog (new)


In order to ensure wildlife continues to thrive at the walk, we ask all visitors to stick to the main paths.



Fishing is only permitted with a specific license.


No Swimming

Swimming is not permitted at the reservoir due to both the operational nature of the site and in order to prevent disruption to wildlife.

No Swimming

No Gathering

We ask visitors to resist the temptation to pick flowers, or collect pinecones and dead wood, which provide valuable habitat to many invertebrates.

No Gathering

No Horses & Bikes

In order to ensure the path remains suitable, stable and safe for walkers. Neither horses nor bikes are permitted on the walk.

No Horses

The outdoor learning area

In 2021 Guernsey Water developed a space in Les Annevilles pine forest for outdoor learning. This area is designed to connect the community with nature. Educational and community groups are able to book this space by creating a log in and adding your event to the calendar. You can also book educational talks on birds, entomology and botany by contacting La Société Guernesiaise.

Why not take a stroll with a nature treasure hunt theme by downloading or printing one of our seasonal spotting sheets, you can find these at the bottom of this page.

Outdoor learning area

Why not share your images with us by using #millwalkgsy on Instagram.



Responsibility to our customers and the environment

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