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Flood Protection

In this section we tell you ways of protecting your property from flooding, and who you should contact if your property appears to be at risk of flooding.

Prevention Rather Than Cure

Guernsey's sewerage system is able to cope with a significant amount of rainfall, but if the streams or road gullies are blocked then this will adversely affect how well the system will cope with prolonged rain. To prevent this from happening it is important that land-owners are aware of their obligations regarding streams, douits, culverts or drains on their land. These obligations are to ensure that streams are kept clear of debris, e.g. leaves, twigs, litter, silt etc.

Streams Guidance

Customers should be particularly careful when trimming hedges, trees or bushes to ensure that the leaves and twigs do not end up in streams or road gullies.

Example of a flood in Guernsey

In The Event Of Flooding

If your property does become flooded, in the first instance you should call the Fire & Rescue Service on 01481 221111. Guernsey Water and States Works will work with them to reduce the chance of flooding affecting properties and assist with the subsequent clean up.

If you are experiencing flooding without rainfall, the flooding may be a result of a blockage. In this case, you should contact a private drainage contractor. If the cause is found to be a result of something in the public sewer system, Guernsey Water will cover these costs.


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