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Water Treatment

The process of taking rainfall and turning it into potable (drinkable) water that flows from your tap appears deceptively simple. When treating stream water supplies and stored water intended for human consumption, it is absolutely vital to ensure that the final product is safe, wholesome and conforms to the latest United Kingdom drinking water standards.

Rainwater may appear to be clean, but by the time it has absorbed or dissolved a host of compounds, dirt and dust from the air, run off buildings, streets and across muddy fields, it is far from pure. The following describes the basic principles of water treatment, which takes you through the steps of collecting rainfall, storing it, treating it, and distributing it to our customers.

You can view the conventional water treatment process using our interactive graphic below, this graphic illustrates our Juas Water Treatment Works, but this process is also used at Kings Mills Water Treatment Works. 

Juas Water Treatment Works

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This infographic is optimised for use on larger screens but you can still explore the treatment works by tapping on the individual elements in the illustration below. For an optimal experience, we recommend browsing with a larger screen.


Responsibility to our customers and the environment

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