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St Saviour's Walkway to Close for Maintenance Works

Routine maintenance at St Saviours reservoir will see the walkway across the dam wall closed for two to three weeks.

Anyone wanting to use the Millennium Walk can still park at either the western or eastern car parks where they can begin the walk.

Carl Falla, Capital Deliver Manager at Guernsey Water, said: "Before water levels in the reservoir increase from the winter rains, we're taking this chance to carry out some minor works to the dam wall before we lose the opportunity until next summer."

Scaffolding will be placed within the walkway, allowing contractors to safely access the water-side of the wall. Localised repairs will be carried out in a number of areas.

Works were recommended by the independent specialist firm which complete the wall's yearly safety inspection. This maintenance is part of Guernsey Water's ongoing investment in the dam to ensure that it remains safe and in good condition to serve future generations.

Mr Falla added: "As a 24/7 organisation we carefully plan our maintenance cycles to ensure we are sufficient and resilient well into the future."

The planned works come alongside two other major projects, with a multi-million pound overhaul of St Saviours Water Treatment Works underway and the Forest Road site undergoing its largest ever refurbishment. St Saviour's is moving from membrane to rapid gravity filtration process technology - cutting energy and chemical use, while allowing for operational and maintenance cost savings. The work at Forest Road is focusing on the service reservoir tanks.

St Saviour's reservoir was originally proposed in 1936 with a budget of £220,000 (equivalent to £19.8m. today). Construction began in 1938, was halted by the Second World War and recommenced in 1946, sealed in January 1947 and was full to overflowing by that April. The wall has a dead weight of 90,000 tonnes.

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