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Health & Safety

At Guernsey Water we recognise that health and safety is vital to the success of our business. Fundamentally, we also know that in order to get HomeSafe, we must WorkSafe. Our WorkSafe HomeSafe initiatives are aimed at making sure that our employees, customers and contractors who could be affected by our operations work safe to get home safe. Health and safety is something that we want to do, rather than just feel we have to do.

Health and safety

WorkSafe HomeSafe puts our Health and Safety Policy into practice, ensuring we all take ownership of our own health and safety, that of our colleagues, contractors and the public. To do this requires us all to live by the following core principles.  

Nothing is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely

This means that we must all take the time to plan to WorkSafe, which requires us to assess risks and follow a safe method of working.

We will never knowingly walk past an unsafe act or unsafe condition

This means that we must stop anyone that does not WorkSafe and ensure that they do before they recommence work. It also means that we must respect and listen carefully to anyone that has stopped us working to help us WorkSafe. After all, they just want us to get HomeSafe!

We are committed to the principle that all accidents and harm are preventable

This means that we must always report accidents and near misses. We must then learn from them and act upon lessons learned to prevent harm and WorkSafe in the future.


Guernsey Water recognises that we have a duty to ensure that our contractors are competent to safely carry out the work that we engage them to do. We have a system of assessing health & safety competence and approving contractors to work for us. We have a policy of only using contractors who have been successful in our approvals process.

When work / projects are being planned, contractors are invited to tender / provide quotations for the work. Existing approved contractors may be included in this process. Contractors who have not previously been assessed by Guernsey Water will be invited to apply for approved status as part of this procurement process.


Responsibility to our customers and the environment

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