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News Centre > Thursday 27 May 2021

Guernsey Water's seasonal reminder to clear streams and douits


Guernsey Water is reminding any Islanders with streams, douits and other watercourses on their land that by law they are required to clear them of weed, silt and other obstructions by the middle of June.

The utility works in partnership with parish douzaines with the twice yearly aim of ensuring streams are properly maintained with obstructions and any vegetation removed ahead of the inspections. Guernsey Law requires this essential maintenance to be undertaken by 15 June to minimise any risk of flooding and ensure an unrestricted flow of water into the Island's catchments.

Jon Holt, Guernsey Water's Operations Manager, said: "It is important that all waterways are cleared of debris to ensure the Island's streams remain free flowing, reducing potential flooding and ensuring we are able to effectively capture water to top up the Island's stored supply."

Notifications are issued for landowners to clear streams and tributaries which discharge into 13 bays. The areas include the Vale Pond, Grand Havre Bay, Rocquaine, Belle Greve, La Grande Mare, the public sewer at La Charroterie, La Lague in St Peters and Perelle. The Parish Douzaines then carry out inspections Island-wide after the 15 June deadline.

Mr Holt added: "With approximately 165km of watercourses and douits around the Island, the work of the douzaines is very important, and something that we appreciate greatly.

Although their inspections often go unseen, they continue to benefit the Island community as a whole and we thank them for their continued cooperation."

For advice on the law and responsibilities, landowners are advised to contact their Parish or the Streams Inspector at Guernsey Water.

Further information on streams and douits

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