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Commercial properties with private water supplies may be liable for wastewater charges

ALL commercial property owners with a private water supply that feeds into the island’s public sewerage network must now, by law, register and pay for this service.

Although the law came into force on 1 March 2015, Guernsey Water is giving commercial properties another three months grace, from 1 September, to declare any supplies to them. If not declared by the end of November, the business may be liable to a £500 per quarter wastewater charge.

Water Charges 2014

Guernsey Water has published its water charges for 2014. The charges sheet can be downloaded by clicking here.


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Amazing photo of our St Saviour's reservoir at sunset. Thanks for sharing @stostevin https://t.co/aQmJXRHx2m
3/3 Engineers will be on site if residents have any queries, alternatively Guernsey Water can be contacted on 239500.
2/3 Residents may also notice a slight change in taste as sources swap from Longue Hougue to St Saviours. Residents have been advised.
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