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Temporary traffic lights at Les Banques

Temporary traffic lights will be in place at Les Banques for three weeks from Monday 24 August as part of the vital ongoing Belle Greve outfall replacement project.

A single lane traffic light system will be in operation initially on the northbound carriageway before switching to the southbound carriageway which is likely to cause disruption to vehicles during peak commuting hours.

Guernsey Water would like to apologise in advance for any disruption this is likely to cause road users. 

Temporary Traffic Lights at Les Banques for Guernsey Water Project

Guernsey Water will be laying a raw water main under Les Banques, St Sampsons from Barker’s Quarry to the grassy area on the coastline. This work will necessitate the use of temporary traffic lights on the coast road from 7th – 26th May.

The main-laying is part of the project to replace the Marais Stream clean water pumping station, which collects raw water from more than 25% of the Island’s total catchment area and is then pumped into the Longue Hougue reservoir for treatment.


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Amazing photo of our St Saviour's reservoir at sunset. Thanks for sharing @stostevin https://t.co/aQmJXRHx2m
3/3 Engineers will be on site if residents have any queries, alternatively Guernsey Water can be contacted on 239500.
2/3 Residents may also notice a slight change in taste as sources swap from Longue Hougue to St Saviours. Residents have been advised.
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