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Waterways must be cleared by the end of the month

Guernsey Water is reminding islanders that any streams, douits and other watercourses running through or neighbouring their property must to cleared of vegetation and other obstructions by the end of this month.

These vital waterways feed Guernsey’s many reservoirs and if blocked can not only cause serious flooding but may also have an impact on the island’s water supply.

All watercourses are required, by Guernsey law, to be cleared no later than Wednesday 30 September after which date the streams will be inspected by the appropriate Streams Committee. 

Stream survey in support of flooding defence

TWO students are spending time with Guernsey Water over the summer to help with some vital stream survey work the organisation is undertaking in support of flooding defence.

As part of the larger hydrological modelling currently being carried out, the surveys will help map out potential flooding points on the island and help model various potential solution options for the prevention of further flooding in these areas, particularly during heavy rainfall.

Deadline for clearing streams looms

Guernsey Water is reminding islanders who have streams, douits, and other watercourses on their land to ensure that they are cleared of vegetation and silt by 15 June.

This vital maintenance of waterways is undertaken annually to ensure the unrestricted flow of water into the island’s catchments and minimise the risk of flooding.

All streams are required by law to be cleared of vegetation and other obstructions by 15 June ahead of Parish inspections by the streams committees.

Please Keep Streams and Drains Clear of Hedge Cuttings

Guernsey Water is reminding customers to ensure that any streams, drains or culverts on their property must be kept clear of hedge cuttings and rubbish in order to prevent localised flooding during periods of heavy rain.

This is particularly relevant during the hedge cutting times of the year as set by the parish constables (usually the first fifteen days of June and the last fifteen days of September), and it is important that customers understand that they are obliged to prevent the blocking of the surface water infrastructure on their property.

Flooding from Heavy Rainfall

Guernsey Water staff and States Works are working together to get pumping stations operating in order to clear some of the surface water that has caused widespread flooding in the Island.

The stations can divert water to sea, and the intention is to take advantage of the current low tide to get rid of excess water.

Customers are advised to contact the Fire & Rescue Service if flood water has entered their property, or is on the verge of doing so.


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