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Guernsey Water has launched its 10 year business plan setting out the key outcomes it hopes to achieve for water and wastewater services by 2025.

Business Plan

For a full copy of the business plan, see here:

Download Business Plan

For the customer summary, see here:

Download Customer Summary


The business plan focuses on Guernsey Water’s vision: ‘Customers always value the quality of our drinking water and the safe return of our wastewater to the environment’.

The three key themes of the business plan are:

  • Strategy
  • Service
  • Efficiency 

The new plan plans to deliver six outcomes in the next 10 years:

  • Being ‘valued by customers’
  • Water that is ‘safe and good to drink’
  • Effective drainage’ for the island
  • Help ‘protect our environment’
  • Sufficient and resilient’ water and wastewater systems
  • Firm financial foundations’ for Guernsey Water


Hard copies of the customer summary can also be collected from Beau Sejour, The Guilles Allez Library, Brickfield House, Frossard House, doctor surgeries, community centres and other public places around the island.


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