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News Centre > Friday 26 July 2019

Drainage improvement project progresses to its fourth phase in St Sampson

HSS - Phase 4

Guernsey Water has started the fourth and final phase of its drainage improvement project around St Sampson Harbour.

This phase will see upgrades made to the 17m deep pumping station at the southern edge of St Sampson's Harbour. This station transfers sewer flows from large parts of the Vale and St Sampson's onwards to the wastewater centre at Belle Greve.

Mark Walker, Capital Delivery Manager for Guernsey Water, said: "Although the upgrading of the station sounds simple when compared to previous phases of the project, in order to carry out the works the station will need to be bypassed and isolated from existing sewer flows which on average measure 150 litres per second."

Mr Walker advised that in order to divert sewer flows a temporary sewer will be installed across the entrance of St Sampson's Harbour, under the harbour bed so as not to cause disruption to boats. Works to install it are anticipated to be carried out during a significantly low tide in August.

While the final phase of this project is not expected to be significantly disruptive, it will require the temporary closure of the cesspit lorry emptying point at Northside and an increase in the use of alternative emptying points in the area. Guernsey Water would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused by the works to residents in the area.

"The overall aim of the project is to reduce foul water flooding and to reduce the volume of spills from the combined sewer overflows," said Mr Walker.

"We have already seen improvements in water flow levels from the work we have completed so far and we will soon be able to assess if the work is having a positive impact on the frequency of flooding."

The project is one of the largest in Guernsey Water's current 10 year business plan, which was launched in April 2016, with an investment of £5 million.

Learn more about the project here

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