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News Centre > Wednesday 28 August 2019

Final phase of sewer rehabilitation in Le Grand Bouet scheduled for September

Le Grand Bouet Sewer - CCTV footage

Le Grand Bouet is due to shut for approximately five weeks from Tuesday, 03 September for the final phase of Guernsey Water's essential lining works on the sewer.

The utility carried out investigations earlier this year which confirmed the 780mm diameter sewer to be in poor condition. This was followed by a road closure of just over three weeks while works were carried out to install a new three-metre-deep manhole in order to provide access for the lining work to take place.

Mark Walker, Guernsey Water's Capital Delivery Manager, said: "The lining works will be carried out in three sections, each measuring a length of 100-150m. Each section will need to be cleaned before the connections are checked by a robotic unit, the liner inserted, cured in place and finally the original connections are recut by the same robotic unit.

"This work is specialised and requires the sourcing and hire of both specialist equipment and contractors. Despite this, lining represents substantial cost savings and minimal disruption to islanders when compared to the works required for a full sewer replacement."

Guernsey Water acknowledged the close timing of this closure to that of a temporary one-way system at Elizabeth Avenue, a private road outside of Traffic & Highways jurisdiction, for the demolition of Sydney Vane House.

Mr Walker said: "As a combined sewer, taking both sewage and storm water flows, the lining work requires dry conditions in order to proceed. This, together with the advanced booking of equipment and contractors, has resulted in the closure being scheduled to take place in the drier months."

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