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More and more of Guernsey Water’s customers are now having water meters fitted – in fact, there are more metered customers than there are unmetered customers in the island. The main reason for this is that a water meter can save you money.

If you have a water meter fitted to your property, then you are charged for the water that you actually use, rather than the RV of your property. Our figures show that on average, most customers can save between 12 – 15% on their water bills by having a meter fitted.

A water meter puts you in control of your water bills. If you reduce your water consumption, then you will also reduce your water bills, and Guernsey Water are here to give you advice on how you can control and reduce the amount of water you use.

Guernsey Water have prepared an information leaflet on water meters and how they can save you money. The leaflet also features a table where you can calculate roughly how much money you could save by having a meter fitted. Click here to take a look at this metering information leaflet.

  • If you would like further information on saving water around the home, school and business, then please see our Saving Water section.
  • If you would like to apply for a water meter, then you will need to print off and complete a metering application form. If you have any queries about meter installations, then please Contact Us.
  • To find out about our current water charges, then please visit our Water Charges page.
  • If you would like to pay your new metered bills by Direct Debit, then you can apply by downloading a Direct Debit instruction form here (domestic customers only).

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