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On this page you will find information relating to aspects of plumbing, including the safe installation of water services, our Water Byelaws, and how to notify Guernsey Water if you are carrying out any plumbing installations or alterations.

For queries on any plumbing issue, please contact us on 239500, or via e-mail at customer.service@water.gg.

The Water Byelaws

The Water Byelaws (Guernsey) Ordinance 2003 was implemented so that Guernsey Water (and previously the States Water Board) would be able to set and enforce a number of regulations regarding the safe installation of plumbing services and equipment.

The Water Byelaws document was originally published as a hard copy document which could be purchased from Guernsey Water. However, the document is now available to download in electronic format for free. Please click here to download the Water Byelaws document.

These byelaws are extremely important - they are in place to protect the Island's water supply, and any contravention of them could lead to a fine.

As an example of what is covered by the byelaws, the diagram below demonstrates the correct relative position of utility services when installing or altering water pipes:


Plumbing Notifications

Anybody who is planning to carry out plumbing installations or alterations must fill in and submit a plumbing notification form to Guernsey Water prior to the completion of works and before underground service pipes are covered. No compliance certificates will be issued until all work has been inspected by Guernsey Water staff.

To fill in the plumbing notification form, please click here.

Copper Supply Pipes

Guernsey Water has become aware of a problem on new supplies where elevated levels of copper detected in drinking water have been noticed as a result of long copper supply pipes, and the water inside that has been left to stagnate after wet commissioning.

We have put together a guidance sheet which shows how this problem can be rectified, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Winter Care Information

To learn more about how to keep your pipes and oil tank safe from problems when the temperatures start to drop, please download our advice sheet here.


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