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At Guernsey Water, we are committed to providing the best possible service to all of our customers.

Our vision is: “Customer always value the quality of our drinking water and the safe return of our wastewater to the environment.”

To reinforce our commitment to providing a quality service to our customers, we have put together the Guernsey Water Customer Charter. This document lays out exactly what the customer can expect from us as an organisation in terms of the service that we provide. This Customer Charter can be downloaded here.

As a sister document to the Charter, we have also created the Guernsey Water Service Standards, which details all the specific time-based aims for the service that we provide. These Service Standards can be downloaded here.

Tell Us What You Think About Our Service

We would be grateful if customers could spare just a few moments to fill in a basic questionnaire, which will help us find out what you, the customer, really thinks about the service we provide. Click here to fill in the questionnaire.

If you have any comments relating specifically to this website, then please contact webmaster@water.gg.


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