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News Centre > Tuesday 09 August 2022

Guernsey Water urges customers to use water wisely

Brickfield Quarry

Guernsey Water is asking customers to use water wisely. The island's water reserves are currently 77% full, which is low for this time of year, so islanders are being urged to cut back on their water use. Water restrictions are not being planned at this time, but they could be needed if the dry weather continues, especially if that is followed by a dry winter.

Guernsey Water would like customers to think about the value of water each time they use it. Every time someone reaches for a hosepipe, they are taking a little bit more from the island's reservoirs. People can also help by reporting leaks or anything they think could cause pollution. Leaks should be easy to spot right now because it's so dry. This can be reported to

Steve Langlois, Guernsey Water's Managing Director said "we are benefitting from the foresight of people that invested in increasing our ability to capture and store more water. This has put us in a better place right now than many across Europe, where water restrictions are already in force.

"Looking ahead our two immediate questions are how much rain will fall between now and next Spring, and how much water we will use during that time? We cannot control whether it rains, but we do have some control over how much water we use, so we are asking everyone to think very carefully about their water use.

"Guernsey must be self-sufficient when it comes to the public water supply, so it is right that we have invested in capturing and storing enough water to cope with the dry weather we have experienced so far this year. But we must never think we are immune to water shortages; we have experienced droughts in the past that would still require water restrictions if they were repeated today. Our plans suggest that on average this could happen once every 20 years.

"Restrictions could still be needed if the dry weather continues, especially if that is followed by a dry winter, as we saw between 1991 and 1992. We can all help reduce the chance of that happening by using water wisely."

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