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News Centre > Thursday 21 July 2022

Tree works to be carried out at the Millennium Walk

St Saviours Reservoir

Guernsey Water has advised that sections of the Millennium Walk will be shut periodically from 25th - 29th July whilst essential tree works are carried out to ensure the safety of the site.

Following storms earlier this year, which resulted in significant damage to a number of trees at the St Saviour's site, a survey was carried out in order to ensure both safety to visitors and the preservation of neighbouring healthy trees at the Millennium Walk.

The survey concluded that a number of Monterey pines should be felled across the site. Further pines were also listed as requiring works, such as the removal of dead wood or overhanging branches deemed a drop risk.

Phil Collenette, local tree consultant, said: "Although non-native Monterey Pines grow well here careful management is required as trees mature, considering both the health of the tree as well as its bio-mechanics to ensure they remain safe for their environment.

"The Monterey species mature to a much larger size in our environment than their native North American counterparts. Alongside this, their evergreen nature, excessive growth rate and tendency to hold on to pinecones for far longer than the species norm means they are at considerably higher risk of damage, particularly when considered against the strong winds we experience. For these reasons it is easy to understand why careful management is required"

Margaret McGuinness, Water Quality Risk Manager at Guernsey Water, said: "The necessary felling of trees at the Millennium Walk is unfortunate, but as a site which we keep open for public enjoyment safety must be maintained. The resulting felled trees and branches will remain on the site to provide a food source and habitat for invertebrates."

The works will start from Monday 25th July and the public is asked to heed the warning signs in place and avoid the paths which are shut for their own safety and that of the contractors carrying out the works.

"We will be investigating plans to take advantage of the resulting opening of the tree canopy to plant native species, which will in time provide a far more advantageous habitat and food source for local species and help to improve the site's biodiversity." Said Mrs McGuinness.

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