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News Centre > Thursday 05 December 2019

Are you winter ready?

Winter ready

Guernsey Water are encouraging islanders to get ready for winter in order to help guard against leaks and bursts in their homes and businesses.

The utility advised that during winter months the island's water network and that of private properties becomes more susceptible to leaks and bursts due to a combination of lowering temperatures, heavy rainfall and natural ground movement.

Top of their winter care list is ensuring all exposed pipework is insulated or lagged. This is especially important for pipework that may be outside, in outbuildings or lofts. Lowering temperatures can cause water in pipes to freeze, forcing joints apart and resulting in leaks or bursts when the freeze thaws out.

Top tips for winter care:

• Ensure exposed pipework is lagged/insulated, particularly in outside spaces

• Check your internal stopcock works

• If your property is going to be empty turn off your stopcock

Jon Holt, Guernsey Water's operations manager, said: "The last time we saw a significant drop in temperatures was when we were visited by 'The Beast from the East' in 2018. During the following thaw, we saw a substantial spike in water usage across the island. This was down to the sheer number of bursts across the island, increasing water usage by 4.6 million litres above the seasonal 10 year average for March."

"Our teams worked all over the island to repair mains bursts and leaks as well as shutting off private supplies and assisting the public wherever possible by providing bottled water to those left without a supply.

"It should be noted that Guernsey Water do not carry out work on private property, so our ability to assist is limited. We are encouraging islanders to ensure they are winter ready in order to reduce their own risk of leaks and bursts, potential damage to their property and of course a loss of water."

Guernsey Water advised that even knowing the location of your internal stopcock and checking it is in working order will go some way to protecting your property should you experience a leak or burst.

Further winter care advice can be found on our help page by clicking the button below

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