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News Centre > Wednesday 17 January 2018

Guernsey Water 2018 Charges

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Guernsey Water has increased its water and wastewater charges by 2.9% in line with inflation.

Chris Hall, customer service manager said:  "Our water and wastewater charges for 2018 have been set on the basis that the increase in the cost for our average metered customer is 2.83% (in line with cost of living increases).  

"At the time of setting the new unmetered water rates, we have used the latest available Retail Price Index on Inflation (RPIX) on the island which was 2.9% (as of March 2017).  This small increase ensures that Guernsey Water is able to maintain its water and wastewater infrastructure and that we can continue to invest in the services we provide to our customers."

Of Guernsey Water's 25,900 customers (both households and commercial businesses), 17,500 are metered and the remainder (8,400) are unmetered where water consumption is reviewed from a Tax on Real Property (TRP) basis.

From time to time, Guernsey Water informs its customers that an increase or reduction needs to be made to individual direct debit payments in respect of those customers paying by direct debit on a monthly basis in order to meet the quarterly charges against consumption.

Customers who have a water meter fitted to their property are charged according to the quantity of water used, rather than the TRP of their property.

"Our figures show that on average, most customers can save between 12 - 15% on their water bills by having a meter fitted. However this is very much dependent on the TRP of your property, the number of occupants and how much water the household uses," said Mr Hall.

To see Guernsey Water's charges for 2017 and 2018 click here. To read more about switching to a meter click here


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