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News Centre > Tuesday 05 December 2017

Longue Hougue reservoir is essential for island's water storage

Longue Hougue

Longue Hougue Quarry will continue to be the island's largest and most important reservoir and provide vital protection from drought even after the current treatment works there have been decommissioned.

Jon Holt, operations manager at Guernsey Water said Longue Hougue supplies around 5.2 million litres of water to customers every day. 

"When the water treatment works at Juas is refurbished, it will rely heavily on water from Longue Hougue reservoir, which will continue to be a vital part of the island's water supply for many years to come."

Longue Hougue has capacity to store 1,159million litres of water, while St Saviour's Reservoir has capacity of 1,091 million litres, and Juas 586 million litres.  Mr Holt said all three are integral to Guernsey Water's long term plans for water resource management.  

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