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Guernsey Water recognises the importance of educating the younger generation about water-related matters, so we work regularly with schools and organisations to get these vital messages across.

What We Can Offer

Guernsey Water staff regularly carry out talks at the St Saviours reservoir for schools and other interested groups. The talk provides an opportunity to learn about the water treatment process, from capturing rainfall and treating it to a high quality standard, to distributing it to our customers throughout the Island.

Other Services

We have worked with schools in the past on various projects. A few years back we created a water information pack which was circulated to all Island schools, and more recently we gave out reusable plastic water bottles to all school-age children on the Island, in parnership with Insurance Corporation.

We have also handed out a number of water-related documents, including 'Water - The Important Facts' and 'Why Tap Water Is Good For You'. These documents can be downloaded from our Resources page.

Water Management Plans

Guernsey Water has put together a Water Management Plan guidance pack for schools, which will allow teachers and pupils to make a few small changes to their water usage and enjoy much cheaper bills!

A Water Management Plan (WMP) simply identifies a number of ways in which the water efficiency of a building/organisation can be improved by thinking about water usage and reducing waste. Saving water is a virtuous cycle - by reducing water usage, people pay less for their water bills, and they also use less energy to heat the water. Guernsey Water will not have to treat so much water which will obviously reduce the amount of energy we use, and reduce our carbon footprint.

The great thing about these plans is that they consist of very simple steps and small changes. When you add these small changes up though, the cumulative reductions and savings can be significant.

Some of these actions can be incredibly simple - fixing new washers to leaking taps could save hundreds of litres of water for the cost of a few pounds. Making sure that dishwashers are fully loaded rather than half-filled will also save water and the energy used to heat that water. Further simple initiatives outside the building can make big differences too. Fitting a water butt to collect rainwater from the roof and then using this for watering grassy areas or cleaning pathways can save hundreds of litres of water.

Click here to download the Water Management Plan for Schools.


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