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In this section you will find a selection of leaflets, posters and literature that Guernsey Water creates. These resources are freely available for downloading and printing by clicking on the images. Some of the leaflets and booklets are available in professionally-printed hard copies at Guernsey Water's offices. If you require a hard copy, please contact us on 239500.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Water - This eye-catching double-sided A3 poster outlines the nine main benefits to the human body and mind that drinking plenty of water can have, using clear anatomical diagrams and easy-to-read information boxes.

Tap Water v Bottled Water - This single-sided A3 poster focuses on four main criteria (cost, safety, taste and environmental issues) to explain how water from your tap is actually better than bottled water.

Why Tap Water Is Good For You - A tri-fold leaflet which incorporates content from the two posters above into a more useable document.

Millennium Walk Leaflet - This tri-fold leaflet gives a wealth of information about the Millennium Walk encircling St Saviours reservoir, including information and pictures of the birds, insects and plant-life that can be seen along the Walk. The leaflet also contains details of the area's history, and a map of the Walk.

Water - The Important Facts - This 64-page mini-booklet is available in hard-copy only from the Guernsey Water offices. The booklet covers the water cycle, the treatment and distribution of water, why and how to save water, and what goes into the sewers.

Saving Water Sheets - This series of A4 sheets are designed to give customers handy hints on how to save water in different areas. Please click on the appropriate text links to download the sheets:

Oil Installation Guidelines - This set of guidelines contains information on the safe installation of tanks, boilers and pipes intended to hold, carry or convey oil.

Winter Care Sheet - This information sheet advises the best ways to avoid leaks and oil spills when temperatures decrease and rainfall increases.

Annual Reports and Business Plans - Guernsey Water's Business Plan gives a strategic direction to the business, and outlines the objectives that need to be completed in the future and the resources required to fund these objectives. Annual Reports measure the progress of each of these objectives to ensure that the strategic direction is being maintained. 


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Amazing photo of our St Saviour's reservoir at sunset. Thanks for sharing @stostevin https://t.co/aQmJXRHx2m
3/3 Engineers will be on site if residents have any queries, alternatively Guernsey Water can be contacted on 239500.
2/3 Residents may also notice a slight change in taste as sources swap from Longue Hougue to St Saviours. Residents have been advised.
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